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An Unlikely Way to Change The World

Jun 20 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

From a photo montage done by the New York Times which compares real life players against their avatars. Lucas Shaw, which thanks to his 55-hour a week EverQuest habit may never win a Nobel Prize but sometimes all you need to do to change the world is serve as personal motivation for others.

Via Valleywag.

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Halo 3 vs. Resistance: Fall of Man, An Unlikely Winner Prevails

Jun 19 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

Like most arguments, this one on the graphical superiority between Halo 3 and Resistance: Fall of Man plays out rather predictably. Fanboys spin, flame and swear while the rest of us lose.

As someone who has both consoles, it’s almost impossible any noticeable difference in their visuals. But it’s not just about the bump mapping or anisotropic filtering. There’s also an artistic quality that’s needed, giving the game a human quality that can’t be achieved with technology alone. FPS fans who’ve played both Half Life 2 and Doom 3 should be nodding in agreement right about now.

So, in the end, who wins?

Resistance looks like a mix of War of the Worlds and World War 2 with bombed out Manchester serving as a backdrop. With most of us tired of Tom Cruise and countless war epics, it doesn’t help the almost monochromic coloring. Instead of looking fresh, Resistance feels muddy and dull.

Compare this to Halo 3 which screenshots look like they’re from “Futuristic Outdoors and Ammo”. Outdoor scenes with alien structures set against pine trees creates much-needed contrast and a visual feast for your eyes. And the gluttony doesn’t stop there — enemies, weapons, pretty much everything enjoys the same treatment and loving care. Even arctic scenes break mold from the usual with generous use of purple and pink.

But that dazzle doesn’t save Halo 3 from its lackluster gameplay. The lack of innovation isn’t surprising, since currently Halo is a license to print money. And with Resistance being equally flat, there’s only one who can save Christmas for all — Valve.

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