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Super Kim Bros.

Feb 26 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

Whoa, it’s Super Kim Bros! Where Juche Communism, nuclear proliferation and 8-bit goodness collide..

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Anna Nicole Smith hates DDR

Feb 20 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

I’m so going to Hell for laughing at this..

[source: ED]

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Digg Front Page, Baby!

Feb 13 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

Thanks to the MacLive article I wrote, 99 Lives ended up gracing the front page of Digg. 800+ diggs and three gigabytes later, I’ve also been linked by the following:

Thanks to all those who dugg my story.

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Xbox Live + Mac = MacLive

Feb 11 2007 Published by under Uncategorized

As any Mac user can tell you, Microsoft is notorious for leaving Mac users out in the cold. Being a 360 owner who prefers OS X as their platform of choice, I’ve always been green with envy of the ability to access Xbox Live and track friends within Windows Live Messenger.

This has changed recently after I discovered a nifty little application, designed by James Howard, called MacLive.

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